Ever opened a box and found hope inside?

Our families have.

 With the help of generous people like you, Our boxes are bringing hope, joy, and sustenance to families who would otherwise have nothing to put on their tables Lekavod Yom Tov!

This Yom Tov season you will be given the opportunity to sponsor a box full of hope in our ADOPT – BOX – PROGRAM program. Each box will contain the basics that a family needs to make Pesach. Matza, wine, eggs, potatoes, carrots and other essentials.

Together we can reach our goal of distributing 10,000 boxes to unfortunate people who are depending on us.

Rebbe Meir Baal Hanes Charities is relying on you to help fill these boxes up!

May you always be on the giving end!

As Always אלקא דמאיר עננו